The history is a cruel place

	There are records of impotent men throughout history. From records of archivists to historians and notes of scientists and doctors, they all tend to remind us that impotency has been a part of humanity for a long time, even before all that smoking and chemicals and unhealthy lifestyle, although not in such numbers. The doctors of old tried to cure the impotency through various methods that are more or less magic tricks to the modern science since none of those methods actually works – they might have a placebo effect but that’s about it. But some of these practices remained and are still practiced in China for example.</p>
	Then there was 21st century</h2>
<p><a href=Weak erectioncan stand no ground to the modern medicine that developed several of very effective drugs that battle this more than effectively. Be it Viagra or Stedra, the ED syndrome is no longer a big threat to the enjoyment of sex anymore. And the research never stopped and continues to advance the quality and decrease the amount of side effects these drugs might have on your health. Ancient Rome doctors would be amazed that it only takes one pill.

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